Stacked Speed Case Bundle - iPhone

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World's thinnest, fastest wireless charging case.

Lose the dead weight.

  • Wirelessly charge your iPhone with our magnetic weight battery pack.
  • At 10.7mm, the 360 Speed Case is the world’s thinnest, lightest and most efficient wireless charging case on the market.
  • Charge your phone and battery packs faster than any other method available
  • Magnetically attach your wireless battery pack to our 360 speed case and 2000 mAh of power keeps you going. Once topped off, remove the battery pack and remove the weight.
  • Charge your phone or battery packs with the included wireless charging wall plug.
  • With the additional USB port you can also use the battery pack as a traditional power bank providing power on the go to any mobile device.


The STACKED wireless magnetic battery pack self aligns seamlessly with our 360 Speed case, charging your phone faster than any other wireless method available at 98% efficiency. STACKED battery pack doubles as a power bank, just connect any device with the USB port. Our wall charger allows you to wirelessly charge your 360 speed case or up to 5 battery packs at once.

Charge On-the-go: Keep a battery pack in your bag or by your desk.

Magnetic Connection: Our magnetic technology is built into each phone case, battery pack, charger and, accessory.

Portable Power Bank: The wireless battery pack also doubles as a Power Bank, just connect any device to the USB Port.

2000 mah: When you feel the connection, you’ll know that a direct battery transfer is efficiently charging your phone faster than any other method available.

360° Wireless Speed Connector: No need to carry the extra weight of a battery on your phone all day. Our Case has been slimmed down to the essentials.

Charge and Sync: Charge your battery and Sync your data faster than any other method available.

Extremely high demand: Please expect 2-4 weeks for it to arrive (to be safe).